Alumni Insider’s View

Want to show our students what it’s like to start a career in the real world?

You definitely need to check out our Alumni Insider's View…Programs (AIV). These events allow our alumni to explain to students what they need to do to land a great job after they graduate. These programs cover a wide range of majors and careers, so there are ample opportunities for our graduates to participate as panelists.

Our alumni can also benefit from these programs and are invited to attend as guests. Many AIV events teach professional skills that will help you excel, such as acing a job interview and exhibiting proper business etiquette. There are even opportunities for you to network with fellow St. John’s graduates in your field.

Check out our full list of programs and see how you can benefit from them or become a panelist. Our students are eager to find out how to succeed after college, so what better way to learn than through our alumni?

More Information
For more information about Alumni Insider’s View…Programs in general, please contact us at:

Scott Williams
Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations
Tel (718) 990-3284

Mark Andrews
Director, Office of Alumni Relations
Tel (718) 990-5897

Elisa Douglas '05C
Assistant Director, Office of Alumni Relations
Tel (718) 990-6168

Andriana Lewinsky '04CPS
Assistant Director, Office of Alumni Relations
Tel (718) 390-4145

Desiree Henry '10MBA
Assistant Director of Academic Constituents, Office of Alumni Relations
Tel (718) 990-1818